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A puppeteer meets the love of her life. Too bad he's a superhero with a fully booked schedule, but she'll do anything it takes to catch his attention.

A webcomic by Nicolle Lamerichs (Setsuna).
Updated twice a week!



Life, the webcomic, and everything
How are you all doing? Still enjoying the webcomic I hope! I'm having a great time writing and drawing it. The updates might have been slightly irregular but I'm still proud I stick to my two pages per week most of the time. The plot is thickening, especially now that it's becoming a bit more of a superhero comic than it ever was, with pff, powers and all that! Of course, I would have loved to provide a bit more updates but a few comic projects for the publishing company/doujinshi circle I'm in, OpenMinded, have kept me rather busy. We're working on a new yaoi and yuri anthology and a Greece mythology pocket with a bunch of great artists. Meanwhile, I also have a staff function at the Dutch yaoi and yuri convention, which is coming up in nearly two weeks already. Add an awesome social life to that with nifty, geeky friends and you pretty much got a picture of how I spend my evenings when I'm not organizing stuff or aspiring to be creative.

This Saturday, March 12th, I'll be attending the Stripbeurs in Gorinchem, the Dutch 'Stripdagen'. Usually it's pretty awesome and this is a new location, so I'm very excited. Though I'm in the manga/graphic novel collective Mangafique, I'll be sitting at the stand of the Dutch yaoi and yuri convention, YaYCon, the most. We'll be selling tickets for the convention, have another lotery and sell promotional issues of Aniway for real cheap. So be sure to visit both stands! And then, it's only two weeks until YaYCon! What I like about the convention is not only that it upfronts yaoi and yuri, and also the social dimensions of the genre, but also focuses a lot on fan practices and craetivity. This year, the festival will be visited by VIPs as Dany and Dany, Yamino and Dutch artists as Flo and Ype & Willem. We're excited!

Darkwing Duck got a great reboot last year with a new graphic novel, I'm a huge sucker for it, and if you look at my DeviantArt now there's a fat chance you only bump into Morgana fan art. I apologize for behaving like I'm 16 again but I've never felt better.

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