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Updates: Fanart

The fanart section has been updated with several drawings! Go and have a look! And if you're anxious to make something yourself, drawing a Manny would be a great add to the content already.

Also I got a job - a P.H.D. position - that I'm starting with in January. I have the official talk with forms and all Thursday. This means the updates will decrease after this month. I'm thinking in the lines of twice a week, depending on how busy I am. It will probably vary since a scholar's life is very dynamical.

Working this much on the webcomic certainly gave my drawing skills a boost. However, my readers are still limited, so if you enjoy this webcomic, be sure to link people to it sometimes. That keeps me motivated to continue this comic too. ^_^

posted by setsunacutey @ December 11th, 2009, 4:30 pm  -  1 Comments

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