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Finished chapter 0, and having great fun drawing 4. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!

In case anyone wants to meet me in real life, or wants to chat, I'll be at the FACTS convention this Saturday and Sunday. It's a wonderful convention in Ghent, a real pretty Belgium town, and we go there with artist group Mangafique each year. (Of course you can also add me to Facebook, Twitter or Deviantart if you're in the US or somewhere, I don't mind. XD)

Two weeks after that, on Saturday 6 November, there's an art fair for graphic novels and comics (Kunststripbeurs) in the Dutch town Utrecht that I'm attending. I hope by then to have a few printed copies of Curtain Call to sell, or just some handmade Manny's and a laptop with a Curtain Call slideshow. I'm not sure yet. Tips on these things are very much appreciated. ;) I usually promote my artist group OpenMinded rather than my own work, so I'm still super new to this.

I'm kinda eager to do some Halloween project or short comic for Curtain Call but I'm not sure, time wise, if that'll work out. I do hope so. Otherwise I'll launch a page that explicitly adresses Halloween or so. It's my favourite holiday, after all! :D

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